Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct, Update


My husband (Ron) has been calling me a traitor.  He tells me that I'm cheating on my first love and he doesn't understand what's happened.  Have I thrown in the towel? Given up? Set aside my crochet hook forever?

Of course not!

The truth is that I suffer from crafting ADD.  I love to start new projects, but before too long I get bored and want to move on to something else.  Instead of seeing this as a bad thing I like to consider it an opportunity to feed my desire to learn.

So while it may be true that I've been spending more time with my pens, it's only a matter of time I'm sure and I'll be digging out my crochet WIPs.

Unfortunately, the down side of this is unless a project is small and relatively quick it takes me A VERY LONG TIME (years?) to finish. 
Additional fuel for my short attention span is my love of books.  Pattern books to be specific.  Not only do I receive terrific post on my Facebook  for review,  I can not resist browsing the web, borrowing anything - make that everything - that strikes my fancy! That's where I came across this quick and interesting project.

want to make rose's out of fall leafs Pretty nifty right?  
This is just a peek at one of the many projects that's been keeping me busy.  I've been doing a whole lot of crafting, and not very much blogging. Been very busy as a new chapter in my life has opened  my best friend has came back in to my life - don't get this wrong she been in my life but we have lived fair away from each other and she need me to help her and her family out she has moved in with us and the kids so house has been busy so really i haven't been crocheting much because i want to make them feel welcome and don't want them to think i am being rude, at this time there is 10 people in my home, 

yeah i know wow, but its all good to have my best friend back we use to do everything together and very happy she has moved up by me, i want to make her something to make her feel welcome  was thinking of making her a blanket or something like that but unsure what kind  so if you know a fast blanket to make  let me know that would be cool i feel like i am in a crochet bump don't want to crochet  bc they are here bc i don't want to be rude as i have said above,  once her kids are back in school  and thing run down then  Time to get back in swing!  I used to wonder what I was going to write about, not any more! I've got plenty of finished projects,  I think you're going to be seeing a lot of me! i will be writing about every day life and share my crocheting thing with you that i make or have made

I do have good news to share with you all, I sold something on etsy for the first time i was so happy, so many thing been going throw my head about it, will the lady like it? will it be what she wanted? will she want her money back? i hate that felling it bugs me, i hope to get good feed back, has anyone one out there reading this been throw this? I pray it fits the baby who get the little dress i made, Ok can i be truthful here i cried when it sold, is that bad of me i hope not i worked hard to get my name out there and pictures of my things,  well on that note i will let you get back to crocheting

Thanks so much for stopping by and spending a bit of your day with me.
Until next time friends,
Be Blessed and Stitch & Read with Love!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Just an update

A lot been going on with me just getting things ready for winter around the house cleaning up the yard,   doing house work etc,  and have my best friend and her family moved in with us,