Friday, August 28, 2015

Crochet dress

Sometimes we think crochet dresses for babies are no longer in fashion, but for me, the crochet is a type of craftsmanship that never go out of style, and face it, it's beautiful to see little girls in dresses made of crochet! To me they look like dolls, so mimosas, beautiful and delicate that are, I think is really cute!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Your integrity and character is the foundation for everything you do

Your integrity and character is the foundation for everything you do. If there are cracks in your foundation, anything you build will crumble.
Not a good week for the green family  well we been trying to buy a home, and the house we wanted didn't go throw . will updated in a few days to fill you all in  
back to fill you in on buying my dream home 
we got our pre approval letter for our home we looked at a few and found one we liked  and we put a bid on it and bc the man who dealing  with our loan  keep requesting more paper work and the seller didn't get paper work we need in time. our pre approval letter dated ran out, so ppl selling house wanted us to sign a back out paper and we had to before they would look at our new offer on the house what bite bc they said they would take our deal, and bc everything ran out of time and there 2nd ppl wanted our house we wanted they put offer on it too long store short, we both had to put a deal best offer win paper work to get house, we put a big offer on house way over asking big time and they took the other ppl offer  we lost the house we didn't get it after the seller told us on the phone he would take our offer  if all our paper work was in order and it was, they just didn't want to deal with us no more, so we lost that house...
so upset bc ppl keep saying if it was ment to be it will be.... well look there not many house out there in our price  or in our loan deal, has to be this and that, cant be this our that ,
there a few other house we  want to look at,  so wish us good luck 

But i know i am Loved

I'm Not Popular, But i have good friends. I'm Not rich, But i have what i need. I may not be liked, But i know i am Loved
Everything counts 

You giving of yourself. Minute

You giving of yourself. Minute, by minute, until those hours add up to create a day which adds up to create a week which adds up to create a month which adds up to create years which add up to create a life. A beautiful life filled with mom moments.

I appreciate each of you.

I tell you - I appreciate each of you. Each like matters. Each comment and share and click . It all matters. You all bless me with. It makes such a difference. I know it's a simple things but it's encouraging and helps me become better for all of you.
I don't know how to thank you enough.

My work i do makes me happy, Mostly to see it on your little ones, And hearing the comments people give you when they see your little ones in my things i have worked so hard to make for you brings me joy, so thank you everyone for your hard work sharing liking and commenting. my hard work on Precious Crocheting it make me want to crochet more,

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hello everyone !!! 
Sorry I have not been posting I Hurt my hand picking up a box on july 7th been to a bone doctor, 
today in 8-22-15 i have been able to crochet but  15 mins at a time, I crochet these things ill will tell you about these thing . so sit back and here we go, 

I made this with 3 ply yarn, Will fit a new born - 3 mo's but the thing about this i try to make it with a bigger yarn 4 ply and it comes out way to big so i need to fig out how to make these come out better , back to the work shop for this one, but i hope you like it ...

This is my baby i crochet a baby doll dress for her aka him , yes its a him but u cant tell by looking at the doll yeah its a doll ,  below is a better pictures of this  out fit 

Here a coat / sweater i made useing a pink  i liked working on this its really easy to do . below are a few more picture of this sweater hope you all like 

well to end this note, i dont know if anyone reads my post but if you do pls leave me a message on here so i know you like me to keep posting my work so you can watch my crocheting grow if you like to know where i got the pats from i will be happy to tell you leave a message on what ones and i will let you know have a blessed day