Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hello everyone !!! 
Sorry I have not been posting I Hurt my hand picking up a box on july 7th been to a bone doctor, 
today in 8-22-15 i have been able to crochet but  15 mins at a time, I crochet these things ill will tell you about these thing . so sit back and here we go, 

I made this with 3 ply yarn, Will fit a new born - 3 mo's but the thing about this i try to make it with a bigger yarn 4 ply and it comes out way to big so i need to fig out how to make these come out better , back to the work shop for this one, but i hope you like it ...

This is my baby i crochet a baby doll dress for her aka him , yes its a him but u cant tell by looking at the doll yeah its a doll ,  below is a better pictures of this  out fit 

Here a coat / sweater i made useing a pink  i liked working on this its really easy to do . below are a few more picture of this sweater hope you all like 

well to end this note, i dont know if anyone reads my post but if you do pls leave me a message on here so i know you like me to keep posting my work so you can watch my crocheting grow if you like to know where i got the pats from i will be happy to tell you leave a message on what ones and i will let you know have a blessed day 

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