Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just a 'Hello!' from me to you

Just a 'Hello!' from me to you wanted to fill you in I love everything creative- sewing, embroidery, painting, And  crocheting. I started crocheting when i was about 8 years old and the first time i can remember  seeing someone crocheting was at my grandma kitchen and my aunt from Fl  was crocheting things and she got me a new barbie and ken and asked if she could make my ken a hat and a coat because it get cold here in mich, and she did, i just loved it from time to time when i was a kid, we got to go down and see her and she was always making something neat and  i asked her to show me how to make something and i started on a chain then the granny sq and have been hooked ever since. Crochet with its endless possibilities never ceases to amaze me. This blog is a way of sharing my crochet dreams with you. Hope you like my designs!

i try too make something to leave behind and to bring a smile so someone face also to keep them warm, i love to crochet, its my get away from every day life, i opened this up so people can look in to my world and see how i work and what i make and to grow with me as i grow, dont know how many ppl will really look at this but this is for me to rant share and my thoughts  i would love to have ppl read this leave comments and keep  up with me -  i will try to give you one post a week maybe more,  but hope to hear from you and tell me what u like, 
 ~ Keep on crocheting ~


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