Thursday, August 28, 2014

Something very precious and snuggly

Something very precious and snuggly, like a bunny wobby or baby bankie. I.I snuggled him like a woobie in bed last night A child's favorite blanket. Most kids brought a sleeping bag to camp but I took my woobie. always carries his woobie around Woobie blanket Question did you have one when you where a kid?
As we all know i crochet  and i made a wobbie blanket for my Niece  she having a baby boy this fall and this is what i came up with let me know what you think about it...

 Here is his head  i was very happy how he came out ..

 Put a granny square for his blanket 
This is him folded in half 

Made this lil coat to match the wobbie  this will fit a newborn - 6 mo's old 
How did i make this you may ask i will share with you how and things so  get your pen and paper ready.

  • Hook size H
  • Red Heart Super saver  ( aran fleck ) Color # 4313
I used a few you tube video to make this  for the coat i used these

Coat -  used thicker yarn and size H hook -

Teddy bear head i used this 

For Ears On coat
Hope this help those who want to make this if you do plz share with me

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