Monday, September 1, 2014

yarn over and get hooked :) !


Hey all, my name is Missa and Im very happy you found my blog about crocheting! Thank you for stopping by!
Feel free to look around and enjoy the free patterns and tutorials and then – yarn over and get hooked :) !

About me
I’m Missa , 30ish years old, married and mother of 3 energetic 3 kids  We live in USA,
I’m a stay at home mom actually. I enjoy reading, family time and of course crocheting !

The story behind crocheting,
I was looking for a suitable name for my blog for a while and I always came back to the fact that it should have crochet in it and should be related to something personal about me. So here is the story behind the name:
When I was a little girl our favorite i was called Missa By my real brother and sister and Mom,  but the name stayed. Now you need to know that I live in USA Mich,, and our native language is English. In So I’m a chrocheting  and that’s how this blog got named.

What’s chrochetier about?
This blog will provide basic information about crocheting, crochet terminology 
So that’s enough about me, now enjoy reading and feel free to comment and let me know what you think about crochetier!
Happy yarning,

Comments Policy:
I’d love to read your comments on my blog posts as well as ideas or links to your own blog or patterns. If you find any spelling errors or have questions about a post, let me know!
If you put a link to my blog on your site, let me know :)
Please keep your comments polite and fair, otherwise I have to edit them.

Selling products made from my patterns:You can sell or gift products made from my patterns. I only ask you to please link back to the free pattern on my blog as a credit for my design. "If i make them "  if i dont i will share the links where i got them " Please dont sell, reproduce or post the patterns on your websites, facebook sites ect. or claim my photos as yours.

All content on (including patterns and photographs) is the sole property of the site.
All rights reserved.

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