Friday, September 19, 2014

Been so busy for these last few days

I am still ALIVE!! LOL. Really tho, I have been so busy for these last few days, With the winter months approaching I have A LOT of work to do This is my own little piece of paradise, a place I can share my projects, share sites where I get them from and hopefully help others out! I am in love with crochet!

     Been busy crocheting baby hats i have done 14 hats in 2 days wow i know right? " alot" i been busy !  i am getting things ready for this weekend i want to have a yard sale to sell some i sell them on line for $6.00 do you think its wrong of me to sell them for $3.00 at the house for yard sale?
i just want to make sure babes are warm throw the winter mo's 

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