Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cow's or Flower's

Sorry i haven't been on but i have been busy as i posted before have 10 ppl in my 3 bedroom home,
i have had time to sit and crochet a little bit, i made a C2C blanket for my grand baby who will be 2 in 8 days,  i got the full c2c made and i got the border done, i still need to get her coat done and the pants done, the out fit fits her but the pants i need to add a few more rows to the top of the pants to make it fit a little bit bigger,

The c2c blanket i am going to add flowers to it  not to sure yet as i said i have 8 day to have that done but she loves cows bc i love cows was thinking about to add that too it or flowers, anyone have any ideals for me on that? if so pls share with me i bought lots of yarn to make things for this blanket
here what i bought and in the backround is the c2c blanket  the color of the yarn  dont look right, bc it was drak in the living room when i took this picture, they are all light colors  Black, White, purple, blues, yellow greens and rose red, and pink,
so those are just some of the colors i got, the c2c has the rose red in it as a border, and thats it for the blanket i still trying to figer out what i want to do for the blanket cow or flowers,
ill post pictures of it as soon as i get it done
if you have any ideals for me pls leave a comment  thank you 

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